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    H. C. Andersen Fairy tales for children. H.C Andersen was a world-famous storyteller. Content Overview.

    Däumelieschen The storks The flying suitcase The Snowman It is a difference The lighter The ugly Duckling The darning needle booby Hans Five in the pod The fairy tale of the Sandman The teapot The flowers of little Ida The little girl with matches The wild swans The happy family The angel The Steadfast Tin Soldier The Emperor's Nightingale The Snow Queen First Story. The magic mirror. Second story. The neighbor children. Third story. The flower garden of the sorceress. Fourth story. Prince and princess. Fifth story. The little robber girl. Sixth story. The Lappin and the Finn. Seventh story. In the castle of the Snow Queen. Fliederermütterchen The Christmas tree The old house The buckwheat The red shoes

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