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    Pay per click, banner ads, pop-ups, mailing lists, newsletters. The ways you can promote your business or website are finite. What do all these possibilities have in common? They cost money. Often, they cost a lot of money in the long run, but you do not get much of the money invested in return. Therefore, look for a few "guides & ldquo; Out on how to maximize these different marketing tactics, but still feel cheated afterward. So ... what is your spending on advertising per day, week, month or year? All over one euro per week is completely crazy and you will soon see why. Of course, you are skeptical, but give me a few minutes of your time and you will not regret it. Not the business is my business, but internet marketing. My special concern is to show other people why I had and have had such success in this area. For little or no money, there are countless ways in which you can explode your business or the traffic of your web site. It's not a trick, it's not an exaggeration, it's not creative writing ... It's guerrilla marketing and will show you how to do it! Lucky are the days when you loaded your VW bus with flyers and distributed them throughout the country. As commonplace as the Internet is today, it's about time to start marketing like a real guerrilla!

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